Tickets for the Fresno Mini Maker Faire

Our Maker Faire is unique in that it is held inside the stadium during a baseball game. Some people avoided coming to our previous Maker Faires out of “principal” as they didn’t want to buy a baseball ticket. We understand that. We have worked hard to make sure everyone that wants to attend, does. To explain our decision to continue to hold it during a baseball game: Holding our Maker Faire in conjunction with a Grizzlies baseball game provides the Maker Faire with their facilities, staff, volunteers, insurance, parking, etc. at no additional cost to the Maker Faire budget! If we were to hold the Maker Faire at a different venue, we would be forced to charge $10 or more per person as past Make Faires at other locations have done. PurchasingĀ a ticket for the baseball game includes the Maker Faire FREE!

You can buy them here:
Grizzlies Baseball Game Tickets



If you want to get your MAKER on, we have an even better deal.
In the spirit of making and to honor the creativity of a young boy, Caine of Caine’s Arcade, anyone that makes an original cardboard creation and brings it to our Maker Faire will be admitted FREE!

Now there is no reason why anyone should be sitting home on Sunday, April 29, 2018, complaining about nothing to do or that they didn’t want to buy a baseball ticket. We have solved that problem!

Have no idea what you could make? Here’s what to do.