Proposed Maker Faire Activities

We need volunteers to run these activities. We may not offer them all so pick your favorites. I will try to add more information and pictures later.

Paper Rockets – Make a paper rocket, decorate it, then launch it to see how high it will go.  Demonstrate how to make a rocket, hand out supplies, control the launcher. 2-3 helpers

Ceramics – Come play with “mud” either hand building or try to use the wheel to make a cup. Help hand out clay, show simple clay working techniques, steer muddy hands to the water bucket and hand out paper towels (so they don’t use too many or let them blow away). 1-2 helpers

-Giant Party Games – Ideaworks has several giant Party Games. An eight foot tall connect four, a two foot tall jenga, and other games may be completed by show time. Help with general rules, and instructions, keep games running smoothly. Pick up and reset games. 1-2 helpers

-Nerdy Derby – A 40 foot track with cars that attendees will make at another booth, then bring to race on the track. Help build the track during set up (20mins). Help load cars on track for small kids. Help collect cars that fly off the track. 1-2 helpers

-Take-a-Part Table – Broken printers, scanners, phones, vacuums, etc will be available for attendees to dismantle and learn what is inside. Learn to use screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, sockets, and other small tools. Help with tools and make sure they don’t walk away. Make sure everyone wears goggles. Show proper tool use and best tools to take apart the item they chose. Ask kids how they think something works before opening and follow up after. Assist with stubborn pieces. 2-4 helpers

-Tee Shirt Hacks – Repurpose used tees and decorate used or new tees. Help demonstrate different ways to decorate, help keep the area clean, collect tee shirt fees. 2-5 helpers

Cardboard Catapult Battle – Launch quarters at a cardboard castle and see if you can win your own catapult kit to take home. Demonstrate shooting then watch for winners and give them a prize. 2 helpers

-Solar “laser” Drawing – Use magnifying glasses on stands to burn a design into wood. Make sure they wear sunglasses. Demonstrate how to follow design. 1-2 helpers

Maker Vending Machine – Take a chance to win a makerly trinket from the vending machine. Make change for people, refill machine. 1 helper

Button Maker – Make a 1” button to keep from your own design! Hand out supplies. Help them use the machine. Place pin back in button (sharp, I never let them) 2-3 helpers