It’s Here! 

Bring the kids, bring the neighbors. The weather is going to be cool…gates open at 11 am. Bring a cardboard creation to get in free. A Savemart receipt gets you $5 off most tickets if you want a guaranteed seat. Bring an old tee shirt or two and make your own souvenirs. Learn to spin wool, make a book, share what “home” is to you, play a steel drum, bend some metal, see how high of a fist bump you can do, test solar efficiency, drink water from air, play with Lego, see a chainsaw make art, drive a robot, turn wood on a lathe, make a play sword, play an 8′ connect 4, play with rubbery 3D prints, make a nerdy derby race car, make a collage, tool leather, and maybe even watch the baseball game.

It’s going to be Great!

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