…only have a couple hours, or feel your project is too small.

Don’t have all day due to other obligations? You can still sign up to present, demonstrate, or perform for a set time during Maker Faire. Sign up for the block of time you are available and we will work you in and add you to the schedule of events. You can even “share” a booth after your presentation to join us for the remainder of the day. No vehicles will be allowed after 11:30 am, so drop off early, or bring your project in on a hand cart.

Don’t have a large exhibit? You can apply and select “Share a Booth” for size needed and we will team you up with another Maker to share the space. Just let us know on your application if you are bringing a table and popup to share, or need to team up with someone that is.

So let all your friends and colleagues that say they don’t have time or enough stuff to fill a booth, that they can come and inspire others and promote the Maker Movement.

All Makers can inspire, no matter how large or small an exhibit or how much time they spend sharing. Come one, come all to the “Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth!”


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