We have several hands-on projects we would like to offer at the maker faire, but not enough people to run them. If you would like to be a part of the maker faire, but don’t currently have a project to share, we invite you to sign up to help with one of these. Only those that get volunteers will be offered, so we need about 20 extra volunteers. We are looking for you to volunteer a minimum of three one-hour shifts (split between activities, or all in a row), but hope you love it and stay all day!

Some of the proposed activities are: Ceramics, Giant Party Games, Nerdy Derby Races, Take-a-part Station, Tee Shirt Hacks, Cardboard Catapult Battle, Ideabot Battle, Solar “laser” Drawing, Button Making.

Go to the VOLUNTEER page for more information, and Thanks for helping spread the Maker Movement!

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